NEWS: RAF blunts major ISIS offensive

Tornado GR4 Brimstone

A major Islamic State (ISIS) offensive against Kurdish and coalition forces in Iraq launched by around 300 Jihadists was blunted by powerful RAF air strikes this week. The goal of the ISIS offensive was to seize several Kurdish towns they believed were poorly protected and had they succeeded then no doubt their populations would have had to face the horrors of ISIS occupation and their corrupted beliefs.

The air strikes were coordinated by elite Canadian special forces who have been working alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. The attack on the Kurds involved several suicide cars – vehicles fitted with explosives driven by fanatics – and improvised armoured vehicles including bulldozers fitted with metal sheets over the cab for ballistic protection. All of it proved fruitless in the face of RAF firepower.

Colonel Steve Warren from the US military said:

This was the hardest punch [ISIS] had thrown since this summer, and the Peshmerga defeated them.


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