Hawker Hunter GA.11 WV382 “830” at East Midlands Aeropark

WV382 was built as an RAF Hunter F.4 in 1955 and  accepted in to the RAF on 15th August 1955 serving with No.67(F) Squadron. WV382 was transferred to the Royal Navy and converted to GA.11 status by Hawker Aircraft Ltd flying in it’s new guise from Dunsfold on 6th July 1962.

In the Fleet Air Arm it served with No.738NAS at Lossiemouth before moving to RNAS Brawdy in 1966. On 27th March 1969, the aircraft joined the Fleet Requirements Unit (FRU) at Hurn whereupon the aircraft received the code ‘830’ on the forward fuselage. In 1972 it transferred to RNAS Yeovilton where it was operated by the Air Direction Training Unit (ADTU). In 1972 the aircraft passed to the unit’s successor, FRADU.

The aircraft was withdrawn from service in 1976 and was held in storage until 1985 when it was moved to RNAS Lee-on-Solent where it become a training aid for the Air Engineering School. In 1988 it was put up for sale and registered as a derelict airframe.

East Midlands Aeropark acquired the aircraft in 2008 and was reassembled in 2009.

The following two photos of WV382 were taken on January 18th 2015.

Photos: Tony Wilkins


WV382 Hawker Hunter GA (2)

WV382 Hawker Hunter GA (1)


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