Would you like more international news on Defence of the Realm?


Hello everybody,

As you know the news segment of Defence of the Realm covers a rather hefty portion of the content contained on the site. It is however limited to British military news and (where relevent) British politics.

However there are international news stories that may not yet directly concern the British armed forces but could become relevent in the future. I would therefore like to ask your opinions on the matter of featuring more international news on the site. I am not talking about the price of broadband Internet in Milwauke (although I am sure that is important to people who live there) but monitoring issues such as the reach of Islamic State beyond the British military’s sphere of operations or the situation regarding British allies.

You are the readers of Defence of the Realm so I put it to you.

Thank you again for your support.

Season’s Greetings

-Tony Wilkins


10 responses to “Would you like more international news on Defence of the Realm?

  1. Hi Tony, it would be useful to receive news from theatres of operations and from Allies that we are involved with. I think that what you are doing so far is spot-on. Perhaps the occasional expansion of a news item, such as you say, an Ally’s involvement in operations in cooperation with British interests might be interesting. It’s a terrific blog as it is, and I always look forward to reading the latest news from you. Keep up the excellent work. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Rich.

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  2. As an American reader I would say that I’d love a more international scope on your posts. But I don’t “require” it. I first followed this site because I was interested in the topics you covered. Related topics of more international scope would be great though.

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