NEWS: Women will be on the frontlines by the end of 2016

Female British soldier

After years of campaigning for equality in the British armed forces, female service personnel will soon be allowed on the frontlines with their male colleagues as the last barriers of sexual segregation are brought down. The decision comes in the wake of a review of the current defence policy regarding female personnel which dictates that women are limited to 80% of jobs in the armed forces with direct combat roles limited to men only.

At present the following elements of the armed forces do not allow women;

  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Armoured Corps
  • Royal Air Force Regiment

Other units do allow women but mostly in a supporting role.

It is important to note that women have been in combat with British forces already with female RAF pilots carrying out ground attack missions in Afghanistan and female sailors aboard warships in the Persian Gulf. Research is currently being carried out into exploring the physiological demands of combat on women building on previous research which said women were able to cope with the rigours of close combat. This research will help the armed forces adapt to having women in roles that were once men-only.


8 responses to “NEWS: Women will be on the frontlines by the end of 2016

  1. I want to like the idea, but the experiences of the US and other nations that have allowed women into front line and more physically demanding jobs have already shown that typical female skeletal structure in the legs due to a wider pelvis very often works against women even at the basic training level.

    Musculoskeletal injuries in the lower portion of the body are a more common reason for women to not complete training and receive medical discharges than for men. Studies have shown that part of the reason is that the wider female pelvis makes the thigh bones angle a bit inward from the hip to the knee; this, in turn, changes how the ligaments and muscles are aligned in female legs as oposed to male legs.

    This article talks about the results of an experiment conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps in 2014-2015, the results of which lend credence to the above mentioned points:

    I think it’s foolish ignorance to call it a matter of a sociopolitical nature when it’s the very nature of human anatomy creating the lack of equality.

    You made examples of female fighter pilots and ship crew members, but those are entirely different worlds from a “boots on the ground” role. While those jobs certainly have their demands on the body; they aren’t the same as long runs and hikes with heavy packs over uneven terrain and whatever else Terra Firma can throw at ground pounders.

    Like I said at the beginning, I want to like the idea. However, I think it’s a reach too far and women will ultimately suffer more than they will benefit from it.

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