NEWS: Jutland veteran to be restored with impounded wood

HMS Caroline

A consignment of Spanish cedar wood worth in the region of £100,000 destined for a Latin American client was confiscated by the UK Border Agency after the owners failed to provide evidence that it was harvested from a sustainable source. The wood timber will now be used to help restore the World War One cruiser HMS Caroline from a rusting hulk to a floating museum ready for it to take part in the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, the most significant naval battle of the Great War, next year.

HMS Caroline is the last survivor of the battle and earlier this year a £15m lottery donation began the process of bringing the ship based in Belfast back to life. During the battle the vessel was part of the screening force which sailed ahead of the Grand Fleet to establish the position of German battleships off the coast of Denmark.

The confiscated cedar wood will be primarily used to replace the worn out wooden deck.


7 responses to “NEWS: Jutland veteran to be restored with impounded wood

  1. Excellent news! My great uncle was in Jutland – he served on board one of the super-dreadnoughts, in the forward transmitting station. I still recall him telling me about how the fire-control computer worked – the Dreyer Fire Control table and associated gear such as the Dumaresq, all using bicycle chains and mechanical wheels to solve complex trigonometric problems.

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