NEWS: Typhoons hit 6 targets in a single mission

Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon FGR.4

While the people of the UK sat down to open presents and eat Christmas dinner the Royal Air Force have continued taking the fight to ISIS. While the RAF’s initial strikes were aimed against ISIS oil fields to suppress the group’s funding the focus has now switched to directly destroying the terror group’s ability to fight.

In one single mission, RAF Typhoons on patrol over Syria dropped six Paveway IV laser guided bombs (LGBs) on ISIS targets. The mission took place on December 23rd and involved attacks on a machine-gun post, a sniper position, ammunition stores, ISIS-controlled buildings and a tunnel.

Elsewhere, RAF Tornado GR.4s conducted a series of strikes against ISIS positions around the Iraqi city of Ramadi which assisted in its recapture on December 28th; a major victory against ISIS. The Tornados were credited with destroying four ISIS units including one consisting of around 17 combatants as well as a sniper position.


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