NEWS: Iraq veterans may face criminal charges for war crimes

British troops Iraqi freedom

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) led by former Police detective Mark Warwick has said that there are many potential cases of abuse, torture and unlawful killing carried out by British troops in Iraq that may have taken place between 2003 and 2009. He said that some of these cases have enough evidence to warrant a criminal prosecution by the Service’s Prosecution Authority.

IHAT claim that around 280 Iraqis were killed under unlawful circumstances by British service personnel. Mr Warwick explained the investigation process with;

We would look at the credibility of the allegation in the first instance; and, when we’ve looked at a lot of these extra cases coming to us, some of them are duplicates of cases, some of them we’ve already identified as part of our own investigation process, and some are multiple allegations where we would investigate as a single allegation.

He also described the case of Baha Mousa as remaining “live!” Mr Mousa was a hotel receptionist who died in British custody. His cause of death was listed as the result of gratuitous violence.


4 responses to “NEWS: Iraq veterans may face criminal charges for war crimes

  1. I don’t condone ‘unnecessary’ killing, but these guys are in a war, rules should apply to both sides or you risk demoralising the force and weakening it severely. If these are true… We will see.


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