Spitfire flies under a bridge

Supermarine Spitfire IX MH434 flies under a bridge for a scene in the television series Piece of Cake. The series was made in 1988 and told the story of the fictional “Hornet Squadron” from the outbreak of war up until September 1940 at the culmination of the Battle of Britain.

The original book the series was based on saw the squadron flying Hurricanes but due to the lack of airworthy Hurricanes the series’ producers used Spitfires for filming. The majority of aircraft used were Spitfire IXs which were not available until a year after the Battle of Britain but they were painted in 1940s brown/green camouflage.

MH434 still flies today and is operated by the Old Flying Machine Company. You can view the aircraft’s official website by clicking here.

Spitfire bridge piece of cake


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