NEWS: British Army to create “Tier 2 Special Forces”

British soldier army 2013 defence images

The British Army are looking to create a new level within its special forces units to better combat the threat from Islamic State. Known as “Tier 2” the proposal would involve hundreds of highly skilled and specially trained soldiers and officers who can be deployed rapidly to troubled areas around the world.

This in itself is not a new concept exactly but what makes “Tier 2” forces different is that their primary aim will be to train local forces in specialist combat techniques to tackle Islamic State. They will also act as coordinators between regular British units and the local forces tackling Islamic State or other extremists groups around the world.

The new concept will build on existing experience of British special forces units working with and training local forces. As far back as the Malayan Emergency in the 1950s where the SAS worked closely with local tribesmen to defeat communist insurgents, British special forces have worked with locals to fight enemies of the UK. The “Tier 2” concept is not too dissimilar to American operations by units such as the Green Berets who have been active since the 1960s.


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