NEWS: ISIS attacks Libyan oil ports and depots

Islamic State

ISIS has launched an offensive in Libya to take control of the country’s lucrative oil ports in the wake of British and coalition airstrikes on their oil installations in Syria. ISIS have made claims that they overran the coastal town Bin Jawad on Monday and will soon take the key oil depot at Sidra. ISIS claimed the victory in the name of Abu Mughira al-Qahtani, a militant previously referred to as the new leader of ISIS in Libya.

Sidra is Libya’s biggest oil depot producing up to around half a million barrels of oil a day. Oil has been vital revenue for keeping the brutal organization operational which is why RAF combat aircraft have given their oilfields in Syria such special attention.

Footage has also appeared on the internet of a Libyan air force warplane apparently being shot down in Benghazi. British special forces are already operational in Libya and there has been talk in London of up to 1,000 British troops being put on the ground to combat ISIS.


8 responses to “NEWS: ISIS attacks Libyan oil ports and depots

  1. Ideology and fighting for the freedom of your homes, your family and your way of life is honourable. What ISIS is doing is barbarism. Terrorism has no place in civilization and it is time that the governments of all nations took heed of this insidious threat to the right to live in freedom of us all before it is too late. Thanks once again Tony.

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