NEWS: Sailor felt “violated” after sex aboard warship was filmed

A female sailor (whose name and the ship she is serving on has remained anonymous) has denied that she allowed a colleague to film a sexual liaison the pair had aboard their vessel. The sailor testified at the subsequent court martial today that she felt “horrible and violated” by Royal Navy chef Scott Furber who filmed them having sex in the showers aboard the ship without her knowledge and consent.

While both sailors are charged with misconduct as a result of the encounter which violates regulations regarding relationships aboard active British warships, Furber, is additionally accused of filming it without her consent. Furber admits setting up his iPhone on a shelf in the shower before the female sailor arrived for their encounter and made a 10-minute recording of their sexual activity.

However the female sailor denies ever consenting to be filmed and only became aware of the video when the misconduct charges were brought against her. Furber insists she was aware that he planned to film them. The court martial is continuing.


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