January 26th 1932

HMS M2 submarine aircraft carrier

On January 26th 1932 one of the most unique submarines in Royal Navy service, HMS M-2 left Portland for an exercise in West Bay off the Dorset coast. What made this vessel unique was that she was able to launch a single Peto light observation aircraft. At 1011hrs the submarine signalled that she was beginning her dive. Just over an hour later a passing merchant ship observed a submarine diving stern first but the crew, unfamiliar with how submarines worked, failed to realize just what they were seeing – the sinking of HMS M-2.

For more on the history of this unique vessel and Britain’s efforts to develop a submersible aircraft carrier CLICK HERE


2 responses to “January 26th 1932

  1. The M-series submarines of the 1920s were intriguing in all respects – experimental and in many ways products, I suppose, of the expectations placed on this unfolding new technology of ‘submarines’. My brother in law, who’s the RNZN’s official artist, was commissioned a while back (not by the Navy) to do a painting of M-1, with its 12-inch gun.

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