Submarine Patrol (1943)

U-boats are evil. Submarines are good.

That’s the general impression the Royal Navy wanted to give the public during the war. The fact that Germany’s submarines were called U-boats helped distinguish them in propaganda films such as this even when tactics and operations by both sides differed only little. Nevertheless this is a fascinating – if somewhat scripted – account of RN submarine operations during the war.



6 responses to “Submarine Patrol (1943)

  1. I did a blog post about the cunning and daring of Karl Müller, and my Dad was always on about “Hauptmann Priem” as he called him. Obviously a lot of respect was there for that latter gentleman’s bravery, but, overall, yes, I see what you mean!

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    • My father went aboard a submarine during his time in the Porthcawl Sea Cadets and he said it was an amazing experience for a day but beyond that – hell no.

      I will say that after aviation, submersibles have always had a unique fascination for me. Just the concept of operating in what is effectively another world just appeals to that side of me

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      • I certainly couldn’t imagine doing it for more than a day. I don’t get claustrophobia but I would develop cabin fever in one – but I see your point. It takes a special person to be a submariner.


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