Upcoming changes to Defence of the Realm

Hi everybody,

I thought I would take a moment and explain the changes that will be taking place to Defence of the Realm over the coming weeks.

As you know the site aims to cover British military news, technology and history. However, as this is a one man show and with my writing time limited to about an hour a day at best, keeping updated with the latest developments has proven an almost full-time job. The news posts have started to dominate my time which means writing factual articles about history and technology has fallen by the wayside. Also, because I have to vet which news articles I feel should go on the site a lot of news gets missed out.

I have therefore decided that as of tomorrow (February 4th 2016) I will instead be doing a news round-up which will be a post put up in the evening with links to the day’s military news. Instead of spending my limited time writing my own news reports I can now devote that time to writing up more articles about the past and get back to technology articles such as more aircraft comparisons (currently researching a comparison between the Short Stirling and the Italian Piaggio P.108). This also means that as the readers you will get a better news service and you will be able to chose what news story interests you.

This does not mean I have given up on writing about current events. Far from it. I will continue to write about current events if I feel I have something to contribute. I understand that I will probably sustain a lower visitor rate this way but hopefully I will counterbalance that with interest in the new articles I can work on with all that time freed up.

On a similar note I will be starting a new series of posts that will go up at 0900hrs GMT on Saturday mornings. Called “Recommended Reading” it will provide links to posts and articles I have read in the week that I feel deserve to be shared. These will include pages on and off of WordPress. I am pleased to say that I have built up a small library of WordPress sites written by some talented people that I want to promote but I have never liked the way WordPress reblogs pages.

Thank you all again for your support. As some of you know, Defence of the Realm started as a bit of side project that I didn’t take seriously but has now taken on a life of it’s own. I have even just conducted my first interview which will hopefully be put up soon. You can now find the site through the domain name defenceoftherealm.com which was donated to me by the previous owner of the domain name who no longer wished to use it.

I wish you all the very best.

-Tony Wilkins


One happy chappy!


10 responses to “Upcoming changes to Defence of the Realm

    • Thanks for your support Charlie. Right now the site remains on the right side of being a hobby. Any further over and it will become a job and who genuinely loves their job? Ha Ha


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