News Round-up – February 4th 2016

HMS Vnegeance Royal Navy

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

Trident: Jeremy Corbyn’s argument for unarmed submarines is ‘dangerous nonsense’, says former Royal Navy chief
(The Independent)

Elite British soldiers coming out of retirement to return to war against ISIS terrorists
(New York Daily News)

Indian Gurkhas ‘could soon replace British forces in Brunei’
(The Telegraph)

New defence college will give Lincolnshire teenagers a flying start in RAF career
(Lincolnshire Echo)

Beechcraft Defense takes order for 10 T-6C military trainers for UK
(The Wichita Eagle)

UK to receive final F-35 test aircraft shortly
(IHS Jane’s 360)

RAF’s ground hogging causes MoD £177’000 headache
(Fighter Jet News)


RAAF now being routinely challenged by Beijing in South China Sea
(The Sydney Morning Herald)

New Zealand: Classic Airspeed Oxford for Air Force Museum
(Radio NZ)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers.


As you know by now this is the first edition of the new format covering the news on Defence of the Realm. Please feel free to add suggestions about the format that you think might make it better in the comments section. Alternatively, feel free to comment on any of the news topics as I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

-Tony Wilkins




3 responses to “News Round-up – February 4th 2016

  1. Brilliant idea. For each topic make it a little quiz. Just a one click response. The categories to choose from would be “Excellent”, “Oh no” “Oh my god” and “Ha ha ha”.
    Now you have to guess which THREE Jeremy Corbyn is.

    Liked by 2 people

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