Recommended Reading #1


Looking for more on British military history, news and technology? Below are a list of articles that I recommend you take a look out. Some are recent while others not so but all are worth taking look.


Desert Storm Part One: Training
The start of a series of articles based on the diaries of Capt. Tim Purbrick who commanded a troop of Challenger Main Battle Tanks during the 1991 Gulf War. A personal and detailed account, it covers everything from training up to actual combat.

Attrition on the Somme
Written by Rich Reynolds this article looks at the cost of the terrible battle waged 100 years ago on the Western Front.

Britain’s Airfields – What does the future hold?
Andy Laing discusses some of the possibilities for Britain’s disused aerodromes.

“K” for Katastrophe
Written by Edward C. Whitman Ph.D this article tells the disastrous story of the Royal Navy’s steam powered K-class submarines of World War I.



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