DotR on Instagram

Defence of the Realm now has an Instagram account.

Defence of the realm Instagram

Instagram will be used to share images relevant to the site ranging from museum and show visits to a few behind the scenes stuff. Unlike my Twitter account which is my personal account (hence all the posts showing what old Sega or Nintendo games I am playing today) the Instagram site is dedicated to Defence of the Realm and when the show season starts in the summer I will be announcing in advance of where and when I am going so you can see what pics I will be sending out live.

If you are on Instagram then why not follow the site. The username is simply “defenceoftherealm”. Don’t forget that if you have any images you want to share either on the main site or Instagram then you can email and get in touch (I will give full credit and promote your own site/twitter/charity/etc).

Click on the link to view the Instagram site now. There’s not much on there at the moment but it is only early days.

Thank you all again for your support.

All the best,

-Tony Wilkins



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