Tribute to Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown RN

This past weekend, British military aviation lost one of its greats with the passing of Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown RN. In what is probably the most extraordinary of military flying careers, Captain Brown flew no less than 487 military aircraft and performed 2,407 carrier landings – a record that remains unsurpassed. Among those landings was the first ever carrier landing by a jet powered aircraft when he put De Havilland Sea Vampire LZ551/G onto the deck of HMS Ocean on December 3rd 1945.

This documentary produced by the BBC outlines his extraordinary careers and life.


4 responses to “Tribute to Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown RN

  1. He will be missed. One of the greats of Aviation; I think he flew more World War II aircraft than anyone and he left us some highly readable books about his experiences and judgments (“Wings of the Luftwaffe” is an essential book).

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