News Round-Up – March 8th 2016

British army ajax armoured fighting vehicle AFV.jpg

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

The Royal Navy ship being sent to tackle smuggling gangs
(ITV News)

Heli-Expo 2016: Crews prepare for Falklands SAR
(Shephard Media)

Royal Navy ship HMS Enterprise rescues 100 migrants from the Mediterranean
(The Mirror)

Trident safety blunders exposed 20 workers to radiation, says MoD
(The Ferret)

RAF planes in low altitude near miss with spinning paraglider over Ingleborough
(Craven Herald)

Factory where Army’s new Welsh Ajax armoured vehicles will be built officially opens
(South Wales Evening Post)

British MoD Negotiate Schedules for New Ships
(Defense News)

RAF Odiham helicopter crash inquest into death of servicemen in Afghanistan begins
(Get Hampshire)

He fought for the British Army in Helmand and Basra so why has this Scottish soldier been left destitute?
(Evening Times)

Outrage as IRA bomber is set to be handed state-funded armed services pension
(Daily Express)


Russia to deploy sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the Mediterranean
(Daily Sabah)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.


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