What would you like to see on Defence of the Realm?


As I have said many times it is your support that has kept this project going. The likes, comments, followers and contributors have ensured that Defence of the Realm has taken on a life its own and I couldn’t be happier.

However it is clear that some topics are better received than others. I have tried to make Defence of the Realm stay clear of the more common stories you find on most sites so while I have often referenced events such as the Dambusters raids there is no specific article on them. This policy means that Defence of the Realm is [I believe] a little more unique and also sheds light on some of the lessor known events in British military history which are no less important than the better publicised ones.

Therefore I am turning to you.

I want to know if you have a suggestion for an article that you would like me to research and then write about. It can be about any of the branches of the forces and at any point in British history (sorry but nothing before the Acts of Union in 1707). If you have sources already for me then so much the better. You can either leave your suggestion in the comments below or if you would prefer you can email me at defencerealmYT@gmail.com.

Thank you once again for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Wilkins


8 responses to “What would you like to see on Defence of the Realm?

  1. Hi Tony, I have a keen interest in weapon programme costs, especially how they compare with similar weapons used by other nations. I suspect that our armed forces suffer from inadequate quantities and quality of weapons so that corporations and individuals benefit (cf. £660m wasted on NIMROD AEW and £321m wasted on TRACER / MRAV.) Thanks, David (ex. RN)

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  2. Hi Tony, it is exactly 100 years since the tank first appeared on the battlefield. I would like to see an article on the arc of tank development that explores whether the tank is still relevant on the modern battlefield where, increasingly, we are seeing ‘asymmetric warfare’ played out.

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    • That would be fascinating to discuss. Funnily enough I kind of have a head start on it. As I told you on Twitter I have been researching the first tank battle and I have already done a bit about the Genesis of the tank and how it’s existence essentially guaranteed that World War II would not mirror the trench warfare of World War I

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