News Round-Up – March 12th 2016

F-35 Lightning II 1

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

RAF Pilot performs first UK takeoff of F-35B Lightning at sea
(Daily Mail)

The new Dambusters: Famous 617 squadron is being reformed
(Daily Mail)

Stephen Lovegrove appointed new permanent secretary of the UK’s Ministry of Defence
(Global Government Forum)

Bomb team carry out controlled explosion on Cumbrian beach
(News & Star)

Culdrose Crew Recognised With Top Award
(Pirate FM)

RAF jets in low altitude near miss with spinning paraglider
(The Northern Echo)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.


3 responses to “News Round-Up – March 12th 2016

  1. Good to see the Dambusters back in the game.

    I’m quite looking forward to seeing the F-35 silence all the naysayers, as I’m sure it will. I’m quite weary of so many old school thinkers not recognising the price that must come with such a technological quantum leap as the F-35 represents.

    It’s not unprecendented either, the F-111 represented a similar technological leap and went down much the same rocky road of criticism as the F-35 has to become a gane changer as far as strike was concerned and much respected and valued asset for 40+ years prior to its retirment.

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