News Round-Up – 22nd March 2016

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

With regards to this morning’s terrorist attacks in Belgium I want to take this opportunity to express my sympathies with the families of those who have died and my total support and admiration for the Belgian emergency services who are on the frontlines of a war against our very way of life.

– Tony Wilkins

RAF Sea King helicopters make final flight before being retired after 36 years
(Daily Mail)

Royal Navy commissions new Astute-class attack submarine

Disgusted squaddies lift lid on vile grub dished up at British army bases
(Daily Star)

More than 3,400 faults in 6 frigates in the past 4 years
(The Sun)

Pentagon to open major £200m intelligence centre in Britain
(The Independant)

Parents demand answers over son’s shooting
(The Argus)

British troops test ‘invisibility cloak’ to hide on battlefield
(The Telegraph)

Royal Navy man who slapped penis in sleeping sailor’s face will not get his job back
Cornish Guardian)


Indian Navy mothballs last Sea Harriers
(Times of India)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.


8 responses to “News Round-Up – 22nd March 2016

  1. Sad to see the RAF seakings retire – I have fond memories of flying on the type with 202 sqn. (Then 22 Sqn.) Out of RAF Brawdy.

    Unrelated: ny thoughts are with the victims and the families of the vicious terrorist attacks in Brussels. Extremism in all its forms must end.

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      • Your father must have been through some dangerous rescues.My hat goes off to the brave crews of the RNLI, they are extraordinarily courageous – we all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

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      • He broke both his wrists on a shout when the D-class lifeboat he was in hit a wave at high speed. He fell forward and instinctively put his hands out to stop himself from falling. He said later that week he went out for a drink with the boys who put a straw in his pint for him since he couldn’t pick it up. Halfway through the night he realised he needed to use the gents and to cut a long story short he told me “I knew who my mates were that night!” That story still makes me laugh.

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    • There were a few coppers who were on Porthcawl lifeboat back in the 80s and my dad said that one of them picked him up while he was on a night out and had obviously had a few. Instead of locking him up the copper took him to his mother’s (my gran’s) house knowing he was going to get a royal hiding 😀 Yea he had plenty of stories from those days but sadly he was diagnosed with diabetes and had to give it up about 15 years ago.

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