(Gallery) Durham Light Infantry Museum

The Durham Light Infantry Museum was dedicated to preserving the history of the Durham Light Infantry. Unfortunately the museum closed earlier this week due to lack of funding shutting the door on 200 years of history.

The following photos were kindly donated to Defence of the Realm by Adam Jones whose mother took them for him during a recent visit to the museum before it closed. Adam’s grandfather served with the Durham Light Infantry during World War II and is in the process of recovering his grandfather’s records.

Adam has a photography blog on WordPress that you can view here.


If you have photographs or articles you wish to contribute to Defence of the Realm than you can email them to defencerealmyt@gmail.com. If successful you will of course be given full credit for your contribution and can even promote your own website.


6 responses to “(Gallery) Durham Light Infantry Museum

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  2. That is very sad and disrespectful to men who gave their all for this country. None of us mind giving aid to poor countries, but does it have to be so much and does it have to be to countries whose corruption is off the scale, like Nigeria and Zimbabwe?

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