News Round-Up – April 18th 2016

Army infantry parade

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

ISIS army cut in half as ‘precise’ air campaign wipes out more than 25,000 jihadis

ISIS hike taxes as RAF air strikes help cut jihadi income by THIRD
(Daily Star)

‘PlayStation controls’ installed in British tanks in bid to attract ‘video game geeks’ to the Army

This Tiny 3D-Printed Drone Tracks Ice For The Royal Navy

Black soldier sues Ministry of Defence after bosses ‘didn’t take his race into account’

British Army poised to take on ‘weak’ Argentina ‘within HOURS’ of Falklands invasion

The remains of two WW1 German destroyers have been located at the home of the Royal Navy

UK military officers give targeting training to Saudi military

Lighter, Further, Smoother: The Royal Navy’s New RIB
(Forces TV)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.


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