Brexit & Trident – What do you think?

Vanguard-class nuclear submarine trident

There’s no escaping the fact that replacing Britain’s nuclear deterrent is an awesomely expensive undertaking. Figures released in the past put it in excess of a staggering £100bn!

So with that in mind; would a Brexit from Europe endanger the program since some politicians would want that money to be spent on instead beefing up an economy independent from Europe?

What do you think?

  • Maybe you think the money should be spent on the economy?
  • Maybe you think a Brexit would guarantee the project for economic and security reasons?

There is no wrong answer and I look forward to reading your opinions in the comments below.


11 responses to “Brexit & Trident – What do you think?

  1. As much as I dislike bureaucracy from Brussels and EU control, the fact remains that Britain is the fifth biggest economy in the world and is set to take over from Germany and Japan shortly; Source:
    Scotland has long made it’s position clear that any exit from the EU would force a new referendum on Scottish independence, breaking up the Union. That in itself puts Trident at risk. Our economic clout on the world stage depends greatly on our membership of the EU and our standing as the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. I am no ‘Eurocrat’ but common sense tells me that we are better ‘in’ than ‘out’. America’s recent panicked statement by President Obama is testament to the seriousness that he places upon our remaining a part of the EU. Yes, his comments may have been better put, but that only demonstrates the importance the US places on the UK being a ‘trade-conduit’ for the US into Europe.
    Any decision that we make, let us do it with a clear head and in a rational and logical manner.
    No doubt I will be criticized for my views, however, I hope that whatever the outcome, common-sense prevails.

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    • I agree with you totally about Scotland. They will go for independence soon, and nobody will want all the nuclear risk near their town. I don’t agree with you at all about being in the EC but that is about vast unwanted immigration and the sovereignty of our elected parliament rather than anything to do with the economy.

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  2. I don’t think any of the wars we fight in the next hundred, two hundred, years will be anything to do with Trident. We are most at risk from anonymous terrorists who can come into the country when they want and are totally undetectable. The war against them will be through monitoring mobile phone calls and vast vigilance on the part of all our various forces, including the loyal population themselves.
    If we are desperate to show off to our American pals, why don’t we go and ask the French how they pay for their nuclear strike force, which has existed for decades and everybody seems completely happy with?
    And, shock horror, we could always try talking to the Russians. We don’t need to call them our enemies just because our American pals tell us to. There is great affection for the British on the part of ordinary Russian people, especially the older ones who remember our helping them in the war, and the younger ones who admire our culture.

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  3. We joined NATO to form a strong peace keeping alliance and protect the European sovereignty. Is pulling out of the EU likely to affect that? Whether we are in the EU or not, should not affect our national defence network and forces that defend these great shores of ours. If it is deemed necessary to have a nuclear deterrent then so be it we need one. I agree that at present the threat comes from the unseen enemy, cyber space or fanatical terrorist that worms it’s way into the very fabric of our society. The fact that we have a nuclear deferent has kept peace for decades but as our armed forces dwindle, how long will we be seen as a formidable fighting force able to defend our selves against an attack from whatever source. As far as Obama goes, frankly I don’t rate him and he will be gone very soon! Our American friends will trade with us regardless.

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