News Round-Up – May 18th 2016

RAF RC-135

The first RAF RC-135 Rivet Joint (

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

British Army News

British Army Prepares For Irish Dissident Attack As UK Raises Threat Level For IRA Terror Campaign

Quarter of British soldiers and military staff set to miss out on EU referendum

Warld War-II bomb defused in British city
(The Statesman)

Army could be brought in to patrol the streets, warn police leaders

Sheffield firm wins £30m contract to supply parts for new fleet of British Army fighting vehicles
(The Star)

Royal Air Force News

RAF Typhoons intercept Russian aircraft near Estonia border

We’re jammin’! RAF fries ISIS communications in Libya with new high-tech plane

Royal Navy News

Navy shadow Russian frigate through UK waters

The Royal Navy Adopts iXBlue’s Inertial Technology

Portchester company to unveil the world’s first self-landing drone at navy’s ‘Robot Wars’
(Portsmouth News)

Proverbial really hits the fan when helicopter gets a bit close to toilets

Royal Marines News

Former Marines to mark centenary of Somme battle with unprecedented march
(Northern Echo)

Marines sentenced over ‘depraved’ initiation of colleague



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