News Round-Up – May 28th 2016

Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan (D37) at West India Dock May 2016

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

British Army News

British mechanised infantry to lead EU Battlegroup for first time

British troops’ body armour branded ‘sub-standard’ after ‘soldiers struggle to stand up’

British army resumes recruiting in Fiji
(Post Guam)

Plans for an EU army are being kept SECRET from British voters until the day after the referendum
(Mail Online)

Stop £178million aid to the ‘fantastically corrupt’ Afghans who wrongly jailed me, former British Army officer tells Cameron
(Mail Online)

Stolen British Army Rifle ‘Used To Kill Police Chief’
(Forces TV)

Watchdog accuses lawyers over army torture claims
(The Times)

Ministry of Defence slammed for issuing anti-malaria drug to troops despite side effects

Royal Air Force News

Britain’s RAF conducted over 804 airstrikes in Iraq, Syria – Fallon

Huge deal to buy [P-8 Poseidon] risks row over defence profits

The world’s fastest flat tyre! Dramatic moment £126m RAF Typhoon suffers a double blow out at 200mph
(Mail Online)

RAF Comes Out ‘Top Dog’ Over US Air Force
(Forces TV)

Ascent Flight Training wins £1.1bn MoD contract to supply rotary wing training

Historic Canberra WK163 jet bomber to be restored to flight

Royal Navy News

Royal Navy’s biggest ship almost ready to set sail

Migrant crisis: UK set to send Royal Navy warship to Libya

Royal Navy ice patrol vessel calls on SA Navy
(Defence Web)

Royal Marines News

Royal Marine ready to go the distance
(Your Defence News)

Gordon Ramsay’s son is planning to shun life in the kitchen for a career as a Royal Marine
(The Sun)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.



9 responses to “News Round-Up – May 28th 2016

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  2. So the spectre of an EU army has raised it’s ugly head again. 28 member states, all speaking different languages, all using different types of equipment, all having trained to different standards. Brilliant idea….

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