British PM: 650 British troops to join NATO forces in Eastern Europe

British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle Poland 2015

British Army Warrior IFV on exercise in Poland last year (yahoo news)

British Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement during the NATO summit held this week in Warsaw, emphasising that Britain’s role within the alliance is in no doubt. Cameron revealed that the deployment will be broken down in to 500 troops being based in Estonia and 150 in Poland. He also stated that up to 3,000 troops will be made ready in the UK for rapid deployment to Eastern Europe should a situation arise that warrants their use.

According to The Telegraph, the British contingent will comprise of elements from the following units;

  • The 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade.
  • 1st Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.
  • The 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.

In terms of equipment, these units will include Challenger II Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

When questioned about what message this is sending to Russia, Cameron replied;

It’s a combination of defence and dialogue. We can’t close the door on Russia – we have to engage in dialogue with them. But Russia must be in no doubt that the NATO forces are lined up in Europe and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each other.

David Cameron’s words were intended to emphasise that the UK’s uncertain economic and political future regarding Europe following the vote to leave the European Union will not impact on its role in maintaining security on the continent.

7 responses to “British PM: 650 British troops to join NATO forces in Eastern Europe

  1. Meanwhile Canada is sending 450 combat soldiers, 6 CF-18’s to Latvia to be the lead unit in the NATO battlegroup there. With Britain leading an battlegroup in Estonia, Germany will lead another in Lithuania and the US sending more troops to Poland.

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  2. Well, I’m glad the word “dialogue” cropped up. Not every Russian is a war monger. And I don’t think they are the enemy of the future, anyway. Our enemy is terrorism and all the disgruntled young men only too willing to waste their lives killing innocent people. Talking of disgruntled young men, I would love to know the USA’s losses in combat for a recent year, compared to the annual totals for (a) people shot by the police (b) people killed in the daily psycho shoot. I wonder if A+B = combat losses.

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