Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on commitment to NATO under his Labour government

Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party

As the battle for the Labour Party leadership intensifies, current leader Jeremy Corbyn has implied that he would not necessarily commit British troops to NATO in the event of a Russian attack.

Despite being questioned multiple times at a leadership debate in Birmingham if as Prime Minister he would honour the most fundamental principle of NATO membership, that of “collective defence” meaning an attack against one member is considered an attack against all, he refused to give a definite answer.

Instead he said;

I would want to avoid us getting involved militarily, by building up democratic relationships…I don’t wish to go to war. What I want to do is achieve a world where we don’t need to go to war, where there is no need for it. That can be done.

Donald Trump NATOWorryingly, this has been a second blow to NATO’s deterrence regarding two of its most significant members and their internal politics regarding the alliance. In July, US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump emphasised his policy of “America First” by stating that under his presidency the US may not automatically support its NATO allies if the alliance’s members do not meet their own commitments to NATO. This was in reference to the number of NATO members who do not meet their 2% GDP defence budgets and rely very heavily on the US for their defence. While neither Trump nor Corbyn are yet in a position of power their voices carry a lot of weight in both countries.

Jeremy Corbyn’s politics contrast sharply to established British defence policies many of which were established by previous Labour governments. He is a stern advocate of scrapping the nuclear deterrent and has implied that he would abolish the current military structure of the UK – Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy – replacing it with a defence force with even greater emphasis on part time reserve forces.



8 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on commitment to NATO under his Labour government

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  2. The latest polls here in the US are suggesting that Trump has dealt a serious blow to his campaign. Every poll and nearly all major newspapers aren’t just predicting defeat, they are predicting the biggest landslide defeat in US political history. Added to that, he is likely to lose the Republican Party their majority in the Senate.

    As for Corbyn, is he really going to be taken seriously by anybody in the next General Election?!


      • Very true. History is scattered with political leaders who were considered outsiders, who defied popular consensus and gained power. Even Hitler was voted into power by the German people (albeit with a great deal of manipulation).

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  3. I think, Corbyn is a danger to this country. Trump, from what I know, is speaking for his country which is in a terrible mess at the moment and going downhill by all accounts (please correct me if I’m wrong Rich). I can to a degree ‘understand’ what he is saying but NATO needs to be strong and supportive. Across the western world (ie Europe) we seem to lack dedicated, strong and determined political leaders who have the backbone to make decisions and ‘lead’ their countries forward. Too many have personal agendas and are frightened of upsetting others. Out forces have been cut to the bone, should a substantial attack come form anywhere in the world without NATO to back us up, we will struggle. The U.S. is in a different situation being so far away from mainland Europe it (Trump) would like to detach itself from it and deal with its own problems. There is a strong link between the U.S. and the UK, if that is broken we stand less chance of military success should God forbid, it ever happen.

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