800 British troops to deploy to Estonia in response to increased tensions with Russia

British Army Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle Poland 2015

The 800 troops that will be committed by Britain to Estonia will help form one of four NATO battalions in the region that are being assembled amid growing tension between the west and Russia. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Theresa May who called for the international community to put additional pressure on Moscow regarding Russian actions in Syria.

What we have seen, sadly, is that the Russians are already able to unleash attacks on innocent civilians in Syria. What matters is that we put pressure on Russia to do what everybody agrees is the only way that we are going to resolve this issue, which is to ensure that we have a political transition in Syria, and that’s where we should focus our attention.

admiral-kuznetsov-aircraft-carrier-russian-navyThe announcement comes in the wake of Britain and other NATO countries putting pressure on Spain (also a NATO member) to refuse permission for the Russian carrier group currently sailing in to the Mediterranean to dock in the country for refuelling and replenishment of supplies. In the wake of the protests the Russians decided to first withdraw their request and then deny they ever made one in the first place. The Spanish government stated they had received confirmation from the Russian embassy in Madrid that they were withdrawing their request however a Russian military spokesman then said that the Russian defence ministry had made no such request in the first place.



12 responses to “800 British troops to deploy to Estonia in response to increased tensions with Russia

  1. And suddenly the cold-war is back. I think we have been sitting around for far too long pretending that tensions between Russia and the West aren’t escalating. One can only hope that NATO’s response hasn’t been too slow and too disjointed. You are right Tony and Andy, Putin doesn’t care about Syrian civilians, only about brinkmanship and his image on the world stage.

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