News Round-Up – November 13th 2016


Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

British Army News

British Army completes overhaul of equipment used in Afghanistan
(IHS Janes)

Army put on stand-by for winter floods

Royal Air Force News

RAF concludes first-ever joint drills with RoKAF, USAF
(IHS Janes)

Cops hunting missing RAF man Corrie McKeague have trawled 1,100 hours of CCTV – but still have no leads
(The Sun)

Royal Navy & Marines News

New Bahrain base seriously enhances Britain’s ability to defend the Gulf
(The Telegraph)

Massive cocaine haul found after sniper shoots drug boat engines
(Sky news)

Royal Navy warship HMS Mersey to be given the Freedom of Sefton
(Southport Visitor)

Retiring HMS Ocean ‘Makes No Strategic Sense’
(Forces TV)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.


14 responses to “News Round-Up – November 13th 2016

  1. I’m glad the army will be there to help with the inevitable floods, but it doesn’t say a great deal either for those who receive our council tax or national politicians who eagerly accept our taxes.

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    • I wouldnt know. I’m under the Welsh government who are so self centered they spend a fortune trying to convince the 80+ per cent of people who don’t speak Welsh that they have to learn or they aren’t Welsh.


      • Well the Defence Secretary John Nott told Margaret Thatcher that of the Argentinians had waited just 13 months it would have been an impossibility to reclaim the islands – Hermes would be on her way to India. Invincible would be an Australian vessel and the Vulcan would have been retired

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      • It’s not the same now. With the defences and radar posts the Argentinians couldn’t just sail in like in 82. The biggest threat to the forces there are Argie special forces being inserted by submarine whose mission would be to destroy the Typhoons on the ground.

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      • From what I understand, despite the passion in Argentina regarding the islands there is absolutely no call for another war. The military in Argentina is still a touchy subject given how long they were under a military junta which saw people vanish off the streets for speaking out. The Argentinians care more about their democracy than pleasing militarists but an unfortunate side effect of that is that with our garrison based on the island we look militaristic to the Argentine youth.

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      • Hopefully this change in attitude will bring a little peace to the area and reduce the threat to the Falklands. I can see their point, a garrison on an island ‘close’ to the coastline is threatening, but we have never made claim to the mainland or threatened it in any way. Let’s hope it settles now and both counties can move on

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      • You say that but you have to remember from their distorted perspective we have invaded sovereign Argentine soil. The reality is a little more complicated but nevertheless that’s what they think. How would we have responded if Germany refused to give up the Channel Islands after the war? It’s such an emotive and again complex situation but the fact of the matter is those people have lived there longer than some countries have been around and they are British

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      • A good point Tony and I can see their point of view, and understand why they may feel aggrieved about ownership. I think the this will go on, no matter what, all we can do is hope that it can be solved amicably and all concerned are happy with the outcome. Somehow I doubt that though!

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