News Round-Up – January 30th 2017


Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General News

MoD faces pressure on single-source procurement
(Financial Times)

UK Defense Ministry Requests to Buy Oshkosh JLTV
(Executive Gov)

British Army News

British Army on hunt for missing military weaponry including firearms, explosives and grenades
(The Sun)

Investigations into Troubles’ deaths ‘disproportionately’ focusing on army, Northern Ireland Secretary claims

We’ve seen off one dodgy lawyer, MoD tells soldiers
(Daily Mail)

Royal Air Force News

RAF and RAAF At Red Flag 2017-1
(Second Line of Defense)

RAF jets came within 300ft of each other in near mid-air collision at base

Poseidon Agreement Strengthens U.S., U.K. Maritime Aviation Cooperation
(US DoD)

200,000 signatures to Downing Street demanding Dambusters hero ‘Johnny’ is knighted
(The Sun)

RAF steps in to airlift new fire appliance to Caldey Island
(Milford Mercury)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Ministry of Defence denies reports there were four unreported missile test failures

May sends Royal Navy ship to Black Sea
(Daily Mail)

British navy to lead Gulf ‘war games’ amid Iran tensions
(Middle East Eye)

Cornwall helicopter crew keeps watch on Russian fleet in English Channel
(Plymouth Herald)

Bungling Royal Navy warship commanders “fired surface-to-air missile at Wales” 

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.


7 responses to “News Round-Up – January 30th 2017

  1. It would be a lot better if we just drew a line with Ulster and agreed not to revisit it. Likewise, we need to leave our serving soldiers alone to. War crimes, yes, of course, but the cases I’ve read are just to keep lawyers rich.

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    • Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ignorant of war crimes. If a British soldier shot up a family for no reason he should be put on trial and prosecuted. We can’t be seen as tolerating such behaviour. However, in war things happen and they are bad things. We do need to approach these cases with restraint but be thorough when we know it’s a crime

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  2. There certainly do need to be standards in the military and our armed forces need to serve as an example to all. Anything less and we risk becoming like those that we seek to stop. On the flip side of this argument, unless war-crimes are fairly dealt with, we again risk the integrity of our society. Our military regularly go out there and make the ultimate sacrifice, a witch-hunt only serves those that seek to destabilise our values.

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