RAF Typhoons escort Pakistani airliner in to Stansted airport

The RAF fighters intercepted Pakistan International Airlines flight PK757 as it neared UK airspace. The flight was originally scheduled to fly from Lahore in Pakistan to Heathrow but was instructed to divert to Stansted. UK authorities were quick to deny that the aircraft was diverted due to a potential terrorist or hijack related incident.


RAF Typhoon FGR.4

Early reports stated that a passenger had become disruptive but another passenger speaking to LBC radio while he was still on the plane at Stansted denied that this was the case and that the flight had been uneventful until the announcement that they were diverting. The passenger also said that they were only aware of armed fighters being sent to escort them after they had landed implying that the RAF Typhoons stayed out of visual range of the aircraft.

Scotland Yard has since released a statement that a 52-year-old man who was on the flight has been arrested and detained at a London police station on fraud offences. A Stansted Airport spokesperson has said that the aircraft will likely continue on to Heathrow later this evening.


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