News Round-Up – February 8th 2017

HMS Ambush Astute class submarine Royal Navy

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General News

Spiralling cost of UK defence projects signals hard choices
(Financial Times)

UK faces massive rise in costs to fix F-35 stealth fighter
(The Guardian)

Everyone fails nuclear weapons tests sometimes
(Chicago Tribune)

Women joining the armed forces are becoming pregnant at the rate of one a fortnight despite relationships with male soldiers being strictly banned
(Daily Mail)

British Army News

VC hero Johnson Beharry was held at US immigration for three hours after Trump’s new travel crackdown
(Mail Online)

Army launches ‘Belong’ campaign

Ex-British soldiers criticise PSNI not to probe IRA attacks on them
(The Irish News)

MPs to demand end to witch hunt of British troops in Iraq after 10-month inquiry

Royal Air Force News

RAF put into a spin as low flying damage compensation bill hits £7million
(The Sun)

‘Bored’ RAF pilot was ‘taking photos’ when plane carrying 187 service personnel nosedived thousands of feet

Airbus A400M makes South African debut
(Defence Web)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Royal Navy leads military drills off Iranian coast as tensions mount between Washington and Tehran

Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers ‘so noisy Russians can hear them 100 miles away’
(Plymouth Herald)

Britain invests in new submarine training facility

‘Become a suicide bomber’: Spoof navy posters appear across London in anti-Trident campaign
(Evening Standard)

Who is Marine A? Sergeant Alexander Blackman convicted of shooting dead a mortally wounded Afghan soldier
(The Sun)

HMS Ambush still undergoing repairs six months after collision
(NW Evening Mail)

Plymouth warship HMS Argyll sets sail again after 20-month refit
(Plymouth Herald)

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.

3 responses to “News Round-Up – February 8th 2017

  1. It comes as no great shock that the ALIS Information system (F-35 software) has fallen fowl of budget over-runs. ALIS is used by naval and air force personnel to determine in real time the state of the aircraft, view flight plans, and review each jet’s entire history from the moment it leaves the factory. It is an end-to-end management and planning system for pilots, maintainers and commanders alike – the ultimate vendor lock-in. It’s a terrific piece of kit but is incredibly complicated and has suffered because the Buggy software it uses means plugging in and syncing the Toughbooks sometimes takes so long that impatient crews disconnect them halfway through the process. This results in a local ALIS sysadmin having to reset the affected laptops. Some ironing out needed me thinks.


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