Royal Navy bans sexually explicit images and videos aboard ship

HMS Iron Duke Type 23 frigate royal navyThe Admiralty is now enforcing a ban on pornographic imagery aboard warships. Regulations have been in place since 2013 regarding the ban but after an amnesty period of adjustment is now being fully enforced. The new regulations prohibit pornographic images to be displayed anywhere on ship including above sailors bunks and they will also be prohibited from viewing pornography online.

The new regulations are coming in to force in respect of the increase in the number of women serving aboard Royal Navy ships. 1990 saw the first woman to serve on an operational warship namely HMS Brilliant F90. Since then the barrier of gender has been continually broken down with Commander Sarah West becoming the first female captain of a warship when she assumed command of HMS Portland in May 2012 and female crew serving on submarines from 2014.

However, there have been complaints made that female crewmembers have been intimidated by male attitudes towards pornography aboard ship. The matter has not been helped by a series of scandals that have shook the service to the point where it has been forced to act such as the recent case of Colin Fennell, an RN officer based at Portsmouth accused of raping a drunk girl and is currently standing trial at Plymouth Crown Court.

Commenting on the ban, a Royal Navy spokesman told the Metro news agency;

The Royal Navy makes sure that the work environment, whether ashore or at sea, is inclusive and appropriate and we’re proud to be recognised as a top 100 employer in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index 2017.


8 responses to “Royal Navy bans sexually explicit images and videos aboard ship

    • I know where you are coming from but from a feminist point of view it is the equivalent of putting up racist artwork. It is a real tricky one. I have already had a few messages on Facebook about this one. It is not an easily solved question


  1. I think in the 21st century, the modern Royal Nay is correct to curtail these practices. Having pictures of loved ones and family is perfectly acceptable, but now that both sexes are working together to provide defence and security on an equal basis, one must be sensitive to our fellow crews. The navy, as do all of our armed services evolve to accommodate changing times and practices, this is not a liberal ‘softy’ view, but a point made in an effort to enable all sailors to do their jobs and focus on working as a team.

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  2. “female crewmembers have been intimidated by male attitudes towards pornography aboard ship”

    I understand that female sailors can be bothered by pornography,
    but why does it bother them that their male colleagues read and watch it?

    Is there any link between porn and sexual assaults onboard?

    If not, then why would there be a control on what the men do to relieve themselves of a certain frustration?

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    • I don’t think that there is a link between porn and sexual assaults but there have been at least three cases of male sailors involved in sexual assault that I can think of off the top of my head in the last year alone. The navy needs to be seen like it is addressing it.

      Thanks for commenting Seamus.


  3. This is definitely a tricky one to answer and no doubt there will be strong arguments from both sides. Before women were allowed on board, it presumably was much less of an issue and as with many male dominated workplaces, accepted by those involved. Now women are aboard the navy should adapt. However, I’m sure women aren’t allowed in male accommodation and some women would enjoy a pin up or two themselves! This will no doubt be debated for months to come.

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