Cyber Security & the British Army

Published on the British Army’s YouTube page today. The British Army takes all threats extremely seriously and is constantly working to safeguard its cyber security. Threats are always changing and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Cyber security is vital to the welfare and defence of the nation. The British Army is constantly working to improve its cyber defences. It is able to anticipate threats, assist in significant cyber incidents and can respond to cyber attacks. It is working with other nations and creating teams of dedicated experts.


5 responses to “Cyber Security & the British Army

  1. Now that GCHQ’s Cyber-Security Centre is operational and the British military are getting up to speed with Cyber-warfare and Assymetric-warfare threats, the UK is well placed to compete in this ‘forth dimension’ of warfare. We are moving into a new age, where threats don’t just come from governments, but terrorist organisations that recruit IT experts and even teenagers in their bedrooms are able to hack government facilities. Much work will need to be done to stay ahead of the game.

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