We Stand With Manchester


I just wanted to take a moment to express my sympathies to those hurt or killed in yesterday’s terrorist attack in Manchester. I also want to express my respect towards the emergency and security services who have responded to this incident with dedication and professionalism.

This attack was aimed deliberately at young people who have not had the chance to make their mark on the world beyond their own families. There can be no justification for such a cowardly act. Any political or ideological gains those who support such actions hope to achieve has been completely nullified by the city of Manchester whose population has been pushed closer together in the wake of this attack. Now, almost 24 hours later we are still hearing stories of humanity as people rushed to help strangers. The people of Manchester have been an inspiration to us all.

– Tony Wilkins


5 responses to “We Stand With Manchester

  1. I echo Andy’s sentiments. I worked in Manchester for 2 years, the people there are the best you could possibly meet. This atrocity has taken terrorism to a new and sinister level. You don’t attack our children. You don’t take their innocence, you are monsters and the game has now changed.

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      • I agree mate. My little girl may be 4000 miles away, but my heart aches every day thinking about her and her safety. I used to scoff at parents who said “you won’t know until you have a child of your own” – they were so right. It’s a ‘tug’ that is inexplicable, a love you cant imagine, those poor parents. My heart is with them tonight. Keep safe my friend.

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