News Round-Up – June 1st 2017

Red Arrow

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General News

Ministry of Defence Police suspends recruitment of firearms officers after ‘high volume of applications’
(Get Surrey)

Could selling warships abroad break BAE’s dominance?
(The Telegraph)

British Army News

Boko Haram: US, British Army here to support operations, not for combat – Nigerian Gen. Irabor

The newly refurbished National Army Museum is full of inaccuracies and post-colonial guilt
(The Spectator)

British Army’s ability to fight undermined by rampant STDs

Protest to be held at Free Derry Museum this week against inclusion of RUC and British Army amongst Troubles victims
(Derry Now)

Royal Air Force News

RAF Typhoon fighters intercept two Russian aircraft near UK airspace

General Election: Candidates challenged on RAF Boulmer
(Northumberland Gazette)

The Red Arrows get go ahead to start 2017 season
(Lincolnshire Live)

Signals Museum at RAF Henlow opens doors to the public
(Biggleswade Today)

I’m sickened by the RAF bomb with ‘Love from Manchester’ written on it
(The Independent)

RAF Bardney to become a Shooting Range
(Aviation Trails)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Royal Navy frigate seize drugs worth £65 million

Four Russian Ships Escorted By Royal Navy On English Channel
(Defense World)

Britain’s Royal Navy delivers Sea King helicopters to Pakistan

Spanish hits out at MoD as ‘floating bomb’ submarine arrives in Gibraltar

Disclaimer: All news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them. An effort is made to vary news sources as much as possible to avoid political bias.

3 responses to “News Round-Up – June 1st 2017

  1. I agree with Andy. There are worrying signs that Corbyn might just get in. It doesn’t help that the leftist BBC is promoting his campaign so vigorously, and I think our Prime Minister has made a hash of the campaign so far, with door-step politics and a poor manifesto, when she should have been on TV debating. Corbyn’s manifesto is a great work of fiction. There is no way he can pay for it, however, it’s contents are what the people want to hear. Whether he delivers or not is irrelevant, once he is in power, it’s too late.

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