So, you want to fly Phantoms do you?

Phantom Pilot Royal Air Froce 1973 documentary

A fascinating look at the journey one pilot took from civilian street to being on the squadron flying an RAF Phantom in the early 1970s. Narrated by the distinctive Patrick Allen who is perhaps best known for narrating the notorious Protect and Survive films, the documentary contains some stunning glimpses at the RAF’s training aircraft of the time including;

  • De Havilland Chipmunks and Jet Provosts introducing the new pilot to flying.
  • Folland Gnats flying low through the Welsh valleys.
  • Hawker Hunters carrying out some impressively accurate shooting with SNEB rockets.
  • Finally, of course we get a look not just at the Phantom FG.1 but of life on the squadron for a newly qualified pilot.



7 responses to “So, you want to fly Phantoms do you?

  1. It looks good. What a fantastic era the 1970s were for aviation. Perhaps I have my ‘rose tinted’ specs on again, but I can’t help but love the aircraft of that era. Plus the range of different types available to us was incredible when compared with today. Thanks Tony.

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  2. I wouldn’t mind going for a ride in a Phantom II! On matters Patrick Allen, apparently he didn’t just do the ‘Action After Warning’ voice over, he also sent himself up in Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Two Tribes’.

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    • Yea. However, because the films were still classified as secret he had to just try and remember everything he said in them to give the producers their soundbites. I will always remember his voice from Tugs when I was a kid. I actually put a few episodes of it on for my daughter a few weeks ago.


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