News Round-Up – June 30th 2017

HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier Merlin helicopter Royal Navy

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General News

Invest in Britain’s armed forces to boost the economy, says PwC
(The Telegraph)

IS faces end game in Mosul, says Michael Fallon

Britain prepared to use air strikes or send in troops as retaliation against future cyber attack
(The Telegraph)

UK awards IFF upgrade contract
(Shepard Media)

Lee Rigby’s mother says the Ministry of Defence offered her family ‘no support’

Slow computers are putting injured military personnel at risk, says Coventry medic
(Coventry Telegraph)

British Army News

Head of US Army blasts Britain’s shrinking troop numbers

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon forced to defend breaking pledge on Army numbers during grilling at RUSI

£48m Apache training contract awarded
(Insider Media)

Canadian becomes first woman to lead changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
(NBC New York)

Coroner to hold “witness surgery” over British army killing in Derry of Kathleen Thompson
(The Irish News)

Royal Air Force News

WW2 Luftwaffe fighter ace flies in RAF Spitfire for the first time
(The Telegraph)

RAF hero’s brilliantly under-stated account of Dambusters raid revealed in never-before-seen logbook
(The Sun)

Secret British ‘X-file’ reveals how RAF pilots were ‘told to ignore’ UFO over Skegness

IMG’s Tim Smith talks the RAF’s 100th anniversary celebrations
(Licensing Biz)

Royal Navy & Marines News

HMS Queen Elizabeth dwarfs Royal Navy ships as she takes part in sea trials
(The Sun)

Despite what you may have read, the Royal Navy’s new flagship doesn’t run Windows XP

Deck crews for Royal Navy’s new carrier train with these “Faux” F-35s
(The Drive)

‘Hoax’ call sparks massive five-hour search for ‘sinking vessel’
(Devon Live)

Disclaimer: All news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them. An effort is made to vary news sources as much as possible to avoid political bias.



6 responses to “News Round-Up – June 30th 2017

  1. The Queen Elizabeth launch was interesting with the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Mr Konashenkov from Russia’s Defense Ministry. To a certain extent both men are right. Both ships are designed with different mission profiles in mind. The Kuznetsov is a heavy aircraft carrying missile cruiser or TAVKR. She carries 12 P-700 Granit surface-to-surface missiles and 24 x 8 cell 3K95 Kinzhal surface-to-air missiles (94 of them), this is in addition to her air group, which, tends to be small and lacks range due to the lack of catapults onboard. To a certain extent, the Kuznetsov can act as a stand-alone warship, because of her self-defence capability. The Queen Elizabeth on the other hand, was never designed to go to sea alone. She requires a carrier group, which may consist of a Type 45 Missile Destroyer for air defence, one or two Type 23 Frigates and an SSN. The Queen Elizabeth does have her own defensive weapons in the form of the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence, and 30mm Automated Small Calibre Guns and Miniguns for use against fast attack craft. However, it is her capability to carry a much larger air wing than the Kuznetsov that makes her a very different asset. Each ship has it’s own merits. The fact that both defence ministers are trading blows proves that at the very least, each is wary of the others carrier.

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    • An excellent point Rich. Thank you for raising it. I would also point out that the training in the Russian Navy is considerably poor when you consider that they lost two aircraft during the Kuznetsov’s jaunt to Syria last year and neither were combat related. I also think that the F-35B is maturing to the point where it will prove a formidable threat to either the Su-33K or MiG-29K. You are right though, the Kuznetsov packs a mighty punch in its own right

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  2. I think politicians want it be careful about making threats against cyber attacks. What if, as many say, they come from within Russia, are we really going to bomb them? I doubt it, especially when you read another article Saying that the British army is the smallest it’s been since Oliver Cromwell! Not a good idea!

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    • I think this has more to do with sensationalist reporting. If we could find IS strongholds in Syria or Iraq where they are conducting hacking then yes I would think we would put a Paveway IV on them. Otherwise its a legal matter like any other crime. The real issue here is how confident are we over the safety of our government and military systems? I know that any lock – real or digital – can be picked by a smart enough person but as long as we don’t make it easy for them then it will discourage the opportunist hacker

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