News Round-Up – July 9th 2017

HMS Ocean

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General News

Argentinians plot to raid Falklands and plant their flag on British soil

Fallon: Break with European Union gives UK more flexibility to deal with Russia

This is why women in the armed forces are celebrating today
(Marie Claire)

Tight budgets and imminent Brexit threaten Britain’s armed forces

Lawrence of Arabia fans solve WWI mystery
(Rutland Herald)

British Army News

Army intelligence targets Russia’s fake news in Poland and the Baltic states

The British Army, ATDU, and DSTL to discuss survivability for combat vehicles
(EU Business)

Ex-British Army chief accuses defence chiefs of breaking the law by failing battle-scarred troops with PTSD
(The Sun)

Public viewing soldiers as victims risks damaging Army, says Chief of the General Staff

Ruth Davidson hits out at SNP over ‘vitriolic tirades’ after she was made honorary colonel

Deadly Legionnaire’s disease found in showers at barracks of Queen’s Buckingham Palace guards where hundreds of soldiers live

Policeman speaks of abuse at hands of evil Army Cadet boss
(Birmingham Mail)

Royal Air Force News

Weapons in the Tornado-Typhoon Transition: Shaping a Way Ahead
(Second Line of Defence)

Italian Typhoons to replace RAF on NATO southern policing duties

Squadron which will train F-35 Lightning pilots at RAF Marham announced
(Eastern Daily Press)

Bangladesh to buy two RAF C130J transport planes
(Defense World)

Norfolk firms benefiting as contracts are handed out for £27m RAF Marham upgrade
(Eastern Daily Press)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Royal Navy’s Fleet Flagship HMS Ocean make final voyage through Sunderland
(The Sun)

Merlin first to land on Royal Navy’s biggest warship

HMS Montrose completes refit
(Plymouth Herald)

Royal Marines participate in Exercise Green Dragon to test battlefield logistics
(Naval Technology)

Faulty doors on new £3billion Royal Navy warship injure sailors
(Daily Record)

The Royal Navy photographer of the year 2017 – In pictures

Disclaimer: All news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them. An effort is made to vary news sources as much as possible to avoid political bias.


3 responses to “News Round-Up – July 9th 2017

  1. Proposals to amalgamate the army Intelligence Corps and Signals Corps to improve intelligence ops against the Russians seems like another way of the government ‘streamlining’ the army in order to reduce numbers and save money.

    There is a high level of interoperability across all service Intelligence branches. Since the Permanent Joint Headquarters for tri-service inter-operations was established in 1996, and the JEWOSC (the tri-service Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre the tri-service Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre) was established as part of the Permanent Joint Headquarters Command, all services have shared Intelligence, worked onsite together (at Waddington, High Wycombe, Brize), and shared information with our civilian counterparts at GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and the five eyes nation’s intelligence services.

    The Signals provide a valuable comms and electronic warfare role on the ground and the Intelligence corps provides them with Intel through their information gathering and analysis work. The system works, if it didn’t we would have far more threats categorised as ‘Critical’ instead of ‘Severe’. Leave it alone. Thanks Tony, a lot of information to ponder here.


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