Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring (D32) – Gallery

A collection of personal photos aboard the Type 45 destroyer HMS DaringDaring was the first of the Type 45s and was commissioned in 2009. With a crew of 190 she has had a very busy life since then including a circumnavigation of the globe from May 2013 to February 2014 during which the vessel helped relieve the stricken islands of the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan struck in late 2013.

The sailor who has donated these images (including one or two taken by family) had served aboard Daring before leaving the Royal Navy quite recently but wishes to remain anonymous.



On Deck incl. Phalanx CIWS and Seagnat Decoy System


Sailor’s Bunks


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8 responses to “Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring (D32) – Gallery

    • Yes but it’s also a political hoodwink. The term cruiser has fallen out of favor even though as you pointed out they are as big as a cruiser of yesteryear. However the word cruiser implies expense so they just get called destroyers. Something similar happens with the Invincible-class through-deck-cruisers which once they were in service and passed parliament suddenly became aircraft carriers.

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      • Too true! We have frigates like that in the RNZN – over 4000 tons which is getting into WW1 light cruiser territory. Actually even ‘frigate’ has become a synonym for ‘expense’ here (“We’ll have some new – er – ‘offshore patrol vessels'”. “Frigate!” “Well, if that’s how you feel…” 🙂 )


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