News Round-Up – December 21st 2017


RAF Voyager F-35 Lightning II

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General Defence News

Aerial footage reveals RAF Mildenhall intruder came dangerously close to US military aircraft
(Task & Purpose)

Defence budget: New equipment at risk over MoD savings ‘doubts’
(BBC News)

UK takes delivery of final F-35B this year
(Seapower Magazine Online)

UK bemoans lack of F-35 transparency, requests regular programme updates
(IHS Jane’s 360)

Jobs axed at Ministry Of Defence rocket range
(Forces Network)

Ministry of Defence pledges to back arms companies’ export sales and draw in small businesses to the sector

The MoD’s new robot can disarm bombs in super-fast time

This veteran is walking 1400 miles after becoming homeless due to mental health issues
(Wales Online)

British Army News

British army families affected by Afghanistan war sent on santa’s lapland holiday
(The London Economic)

Iraqis awarded damages due to abuse and unlawful detention by Ministry of Defence

It’s not just British soldiers. The whole Iraq war fiasco is back in the dock
(The Guardian)

Personal photos capture Holy Land stories of British World War I soldiers
(The Jerusalem Post)

Mass grave reveals bodies f British soldiers from Northern War of 1845-46
(Forces Network)

Former soldiers offered £10000 to rejoin Army to reduce shortfall of 4000 troops

Royal Air Force News

Missing RAF man: Corrie Mckeague’s mother says police are investigating murder reports
(Yahoo News UK)

RAF pilot who saved Iraqi soldiers awarded medal for bravery
(Forces Network)

UK MoD names new Typhoon squadron to train Qatari personnel
(Airforce Technology)

David Davis ‘spent nearly £50000 on RAF flights to Brexit meetings’

Captured World War II German U-boat revealed in Group Captain Montague Whittle’s photos
(Fox News)

RAF Northolt: Boris Johnson secures government pledge to put cap on the number of commercial flights
(Get West London)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Leak discovered on Royal Navy’s new £3bn warship HMS Queen Elizabeth
(Sky News)

Sir Stuart Peach plays down possibility of cuts to Royal Marines
(Forces Network)

Missing Argentine submarine latest: MoD denies Royal Navy helicopter chased vessel
(International Business Times)

HMS Ocean is coming home for Christmas from her last ever deployment
(Plymouth Herald)

Looking to create a ‘Global Britain’? Japan and the Royal Navy might hold the answer

Royal Navy confirms nuclear alarm going off at naval base was a false alarm
(Devon Live)

Prince Harry appointed Captain General Royal Marines
(Forces Network)

BAE Systems contracted for UK Navy’s JSS 2 programme
(Naval Technology)

Head of British Armed Forces warns of Russian attacks on submarine cables
(Datacenter Dynamics)

Trident may be removed from MoD budget, MPs told
(The Guardian)

It’s an ‘absolute inevitability’ that military drones will fly from HMS Queen Elizabeth
(Business Insider)

Families of men lost on HMS Narwhal plan to pay tribute at their watery grave

RFA Mounts Bay makes flying visit to Bermuda
(Royal Gazette)

Disclaimer: All news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them. An effort is made to vary news sources as much as possible to avoid political bias.


4 responses to “News Round-Up – December 21st 2017

  1. When that intruder drove into Mildenhall I’d have thought they have shot the tyres out, what did they actually shoot at do we know? As for the leak a lot of hysteria over nothing, all ships have leaks! Like the report says “that’s why they have pumps! ”

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