Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 High-Speed Ground Run

Thanks to Andy Laing from Aviation Trails for providing the following footage of a Blackburn Buccaneer performing high speed ground runs at Bruntingthorpe last year. Sadly, this is probably the closest we will ever get to seeing this amazing machine come to flying again in the UK. Even so, the raw power of this incredible aircraft can still be appreciated and its good that younger generations who may not remember seeing these aircraft flying can at least experience it running under its own power.

Thanks Andy.

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M4 Sherman T232668 Lily Marlene tank walkaround

A brief look around M4 Sherman T232668 “Lily Marlene” while it was parked up on the grounds of Caldicot Castle during Fortress Wales 2016

British Army “Red Coat” combat patrol demonstration at Fortress Wales 2016

A demonstration of a typical combat patrol (pepper potting) by the British Army during the American War of Independence and the Napoleonic Wars. Demonstration given by the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry at Fortress Wales 2016 at Caldicot Castle

Defence of the Realm Site Trailer 2016

Those of you who follow Defence of the Realm on Instagram will know I have been working on a new channel trailer for the site to be put up on YouTube. It is brief but it says all that needs to be said. The video has now replaced the old trailer on the home page.

I know I have left the YouTube channel in limbo for a while now but I will be returning to it very soon.

Hope you enjoy.

DotR on YouTube – Aim to Kill-Warsaw Pact Equipment Recognition Booklet

A brief video looking over this recognition booklet produced for American, British and Canadian forces based in West Germany in 1986 during the height of the Cold War. I found this at a charity shop for 50p but when I got home I discovered these go for around £25 on Ebay as they are becoming something of a collector’s item for those interested in the Cold War.

I will be uploading stills in the future should anyone want to look at it in more depth.

Watching the Vulcan – Mission Failed

There are plenty of videos on YouTube about people who go to see the awe inspiring Avro Vulcan XH558. Here’s a video about a group of people who went but DIDN’T. I recorded so much I thought I had to edit it in to a little video if only for the amusement of all of you who follow Defence of the Realm (thanks again of course). Also a number of people there wanted to see it all and so I had to oblige.


I got to meet a lot of nice people and it was a bit of a laugh in the end but I am genuinely devastated I didn’t get to see it.

Luck of the draw I guess.

Enjoy my fail.

(YouTube) Operation Skua

In 1940 a Royal Navy Blackburn Skua (Serial No L2940) of No.803 NAS made a forced landing on a frozen lake in Norway after successfully engaging a German Heinkel He.111 bomber during the ill-fated Norwegian campaign. The crew abandoned the aircraft and as the frozen lake thawed the wreck became submerged where it lay until it was recovered in 1974. This exhibition shows it as it lay on the lake bed and chronicles the efforts to retrieve the aircraft.

You can view the images directly in the galleries section by clicking here.