Aircraft Gallery: HMS Triumph during the Korean War

In 1950, the Royal Navy carrier HMS Triumph started a tour of the Far East, embarking 800 Naval Air Squadron with Seafire 47s along with 827 Naval Air Squadron equipped with Fairey Fireflys. Following the outbreak of the Korean War, HMS Triumph was diverted to operations to try to stem the North Korean offensive with Seafires and Fireflies flying ground attack and combat air patrols from July until September 1950.

The Seafires and Fireflies of Triumph, in conjunction with aircraft from the American carrier the USS Valley Forge, attacked airfields at Pyongyang and Haeju on 3rd July in the first carrier strikes of the war. The aircraft used rockets and bombs to great effect using tactics perfected just five years earlier in the Second World War. The Seafires, though agile and fast, had an appearance that was a liability when operating with allied forces with it having a remarkable similarity to the Communist Yak-9 fighter. This similarity lead to a near fatal encounter between a Seafire and a USAF B-29 Superfortress crew with a rather nervous gunner who opened fire on the British aircraft. Although the aircraft was downed the pilot escaped unhurt.

In September 1950, HMS Triumph was replaced by HMS Theseus.

(PLEASE NOTE: 1 or 2 images are from another cruise and do not represent the one mentioned above. It seems there was very little time to take a lot of pictures in 1950. I have still included these for reference)