12,000lb Tallboy bomb at Brooklands Museum

A collection of pictures of a 12,000lb Tallboy bomb on display at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey.

All photos were taken on April 5th 2016
Photos: Tony Wilkins


The Tallboy bomb was an earthquake bomb (an earthquake bomb is dropped from very high altitude to gain sufficient speed to penetrate and then explode deep underground, causing massive caverns or craters as well as generate severe shockwaves to descimate a large area) employed by the RAF during World War II. It was highly effective against hardened targets and its weight meant that it could be dropped from high altitudes with a higher degree of accuracy than smaller bombs. It was designed by the legendary engineer Barnes Wallis famous for developing the bouncing bomb of the Dambuster raids and was used in the later stages of the war.

Sitting on its trolley, the Vauxhall estate car parked behind it gives a good indication of the size of the weapon.

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