Army recruitment reverse psychology

The British Army’s latest recruitment drive involves a series of TV adverts that seem to employ reverse psychology as they carry the slogan Don’t join the British Army. The advert aims to tackle all those who may wish to have a military career but feel like everyone around them is against the idea; something that is surprisingly common.


Royal Navy Spoof John Lewis Christmas Advert

It has become a tradition for major UK retailers in recent years to battle for the accolade of the Christmas advertisement. Undoubtedly the reigning champion the past few years has been the John Lewis store. Well the crew of HMS Daring have spoofed the latest advert about a lonely penguin.

Well done guys.


Royal Navy & Slavery Advert

This Royal Navy advert was produced in 2008 for a nationwide cinema release and was intended to celebrate the fact that the Royal Navy was one of the first military services in the developed world to first abolish the trade of slaves and then secondly to actively take part in combating the trade by patrolling the coast of Africa. This is a role it continues to undertake even today. 

While the British government agreed to abolish slavery because of a public outcry at home the embargo was also used as a means of strangling the US economy which still relied heavily on slaves from Africa and the Caribbean. It was also used as a justification to tackle the French and to a lessor extent the Dutch both of whom had interests in Africa that conflicted with British ones.