NEWS: Royal Navy to investigate claims that German Navy snagged crab pots in English Channel

River-class 2

Royal Navy River-class patrol boats

The English Channel is no stranger to the Royal Navy and the German Navy facing off against one another and the two services could be locking horns again, minus the firing of weapons, over claims that two German Navy supply ships have disrupted Devonshire-based crab fisherman. The fishermen claim that the two ships have cost them thousands of pounds in lost stock from the vessels snagging their lines preventing them from hauling in their crab pots.

The Royal Navy confirmed that the two ships were operating as part of an international exercise based at Plymouth although the service has stated that at the moment it had “no evidence” that the German ships had entered the area where the fishermen are claiming their lines were cut.

The fishermen are demanding up to £8,000 in compensation if it is found that the ships did indeed result in the loss of their catch. The Royal Navy has stated that it is investigating the claim and as the host to the Germans will compensate the fishermen if it is proven the German ships did damage the crab lines.