International Bomber Command Centre hit by theives

The site based on Canwick Hill in Lincoln – historically known as “Bomber county” for its link with RAF Bomber Command – was broken in to on Sunday night. The thieves made off with two electric generators and stock totalling around £2,000 that was set aside for an open day that was scheduled to take place on March 19th. Not content with their stolen items, the thieves also shredded a wreath left at the base of the memorial spire.

IBCC Director Nicky Barr told The Lincolnite newspaper;

The team based on the site have been left with no heating, lighting, hot water, drinks or food as a result of the incident.

The International Bomber Command Centre  is still under construction but aims to provide a world-class facility to serve as a focal point for recognition, remembrance and reconciliation for Bomber Command veterans and their families as well as the general public. The project includes recording, preserving and relating the stories of over one million men from all over the world who served with Bomber Command during the World War II.

Inspector Marc Gee, Community Inspector for North Kesteven, said;

This is a despicable crime which shows a total lack of respect for the community and the memory of those who bravely served our country during the war. If you have any information in relation to this crime please get in contact with Lincolnshire Police so that we can bring those responsible to justice.


RAF Wing Commander tells court of landing incident involving angry local with bright light

RAF Valley Hawk T.2

RAF Hawk T.2 trainers at RAF Valley (RAF.MOD.UK)

Wing Commander Nicholas Gatonby has given evidence at Mold Crown Court concerning the case John Arthur Jones, 66 from Anglesey in North Wales. Mr Jones stands accused of 13 counts of endangering Royal Air Force training aircraft landing at RAF Valley and its satellite base RAF Mona during a ten month period by shining lights in to their cockpits. Mr Jones has denied the accusations.

Wing Commander Gatonby, who was the commanding officer of No.208 Squadron based at RAF Valley during the period in question, told the court of one such incident in December 2013 which Mr Jones is accused of being involved. Gatonby and a student pilot were conducting a night time landing at nearby RAF Mona.

There was a very bright light shining from the ground on to the aircraft…it destroyed our night vision completely.

Gatonby and his student aborted the landing and went around again before making a second attempt. The bright light once again illuminated the aircraft making landing impossible forcing them to return to RAF Valley.

The prosecution have accused Mr Jones of keeping detailed notes on RAF activity to both complain against the activity and then, more sinisterly, use it to predict when an aircraft was most likely to fly over so he could set up his light in order to shine it in to the cockpits. The prosecution claim that he become obsessed with the air activity to the point where he had a total disregard for the safety of the pilots.



NEWS: Sailor felt “violated” after sex aboard warship was filmed

A female sailor (whose name and the ship she is serving on has remained anonymous) has denied that she allowed a colleague to film a sexual liaison the pair had aboard their vessel. The sailor testified at the subsequent court martial today that she felt “horrible and violated” by Royal Navy chef Scott Furber who filmed them having sex in the showers aboard the ship without her knowledge and consent.

While both sailors are charged with misconduct as a result of the encounter which violates regulations regarding relationships aboard active British warships, Furber, is additionally accused of filming it without her consent. Furber admits setting up his iPhone on a shelf in the shower before the female sailor arrived for their encounter and made a 10-minute recording of their sexual activity.

However the female sailor denies ever consenting to be filmed and only became aware of the video when the misconduct charges were brought against her. Furber insists she was aware that he planned to film them. The court martial is continuing.

NEWS: Iraq veterans may face criminal charges for war crimes

British troops Iraqi freedom

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) led by former Police detective Mark Warwick has said that there are many potential cases of abuse, torture and unlawful killing carried out by British troops in Iraq that may have taken place between 2003 and 2009. He said that some of these cases have enough evidence to warrant a criminal prosecution by the Service’s Prosecution Authority.

IHAT claim that around 280 Iraqis were killed under unlawful circumstances by British service personnel. Mr Warwick explained the investigation process with;

We would look at the credibility of the allegation in the first instance; and, when we’ve looked at a lot of these extra cases coming to us, some of them are duplicates of cases, some of them we’ve already identified as part of our own investigation process, and some are multiple allegations where we would investigate as a single allegation.

He also described the case of Baha Mousa as remaining “live!” Mr Mousa was a hotel receptionist who died in British custody. His cause of death was listed as the result of gratuitous violence.

NEWS: Man in court over shining lights in to cockpits of RAF training aircraft

RAF Valley Hawk T.2

RAF Hawk T.2 trainers at RAF Valley (RAF.MOD.UK)

John Arthur Jones, 65, of Bodffordd on Anglesey, has appeared in Mold Crown Court accused of 13 counts of recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger aircraft or persons in an aircraft. The jury has heard how Mr Jones, who lives near the Mona airfield used by No.208 Squadron at RAF Valley as a satellite airfield, was so annoyed by RAF activity at the airfield that he took to shining bright lights in to the cockpits of aircraft flying overhead on night training flights.

The prosecution have accused Mr Jones of keeping detailed notes on RAF activity to both complain against the activity and then, more sinisterly, use it to predict when an aircraft was most likely to fly over. They claim that he become obsessed with the air activity to the point where he had a total disregard for the safety of the pilots.

Mr Jones denies all charges of attempting to endanger aircraft and the trial continues.

NEWS: Man arrested over 1996 mortar attack on British Army barracks in Germany

46-year old James Anthony Oliver Albert Corry was arrested in Killorglin, Co Kerry, Ireland on Friday suspected of being involved in a Provisional IRA mortar attack on a British army barracks in Germany in 1996. His arrest served a European warrant issued by the German authorities for terrorst activities within Germany’s borders and he has now appeared before the Irish High Court.

Mr Corry is suspected of being a member of the Provisional IRA force that attacked the Osnabrück barracks in Germany on June 28th 1996. The Provisional IRA attack saw three mortar shells fired in to the British army barracks. Two of the mortar rounds fell short of the perimeter fence and failed to explode but the third detonated more than 20 yards inside the base leaving a crater near a petrol pump but fortunately no British service personnel were killed in the attack. A vehicle used by the Provisional IRA in the attack was also destroyed in an attempt to conceal forensic evidence. The Provisional IRA later said that the main goal of the attack was to confirm their presence on mainland Europe rather than cause any specific damage to the British Army.

Corry has been remanded in custody of the Irish Garda until Tuesday by which time a decision on bail will be made. The German arrest warrant highlights the German government’s desire to have Mr Corry extradited in order for him to stand trial in the country where he is accused of carrying out the attack.

NEWS: MoD Laptop Stolen

UK-Ministry-Defence (1)A laptop belonging to MoD contractor, Kuehne and Nagel, that contains personal (including financial) details of Ministry of Defence employees has been stolen. The laptop had been left in a car belonging to a Kuehne and Nagel employee at the Strensham services on the M5 near Worcester when it was taken. In order to appease understandably upset MoD employees Kuehne and Nagel have offered all those affected a one year subscription to credit check company Experian in an effort to keep track of their finances should the data be compromised for criminal purposes.

Kuehne and Nagel have been awarded several multi-million pound contracts by the MoD including a £90m contract to build a ‘fulfilment centre’ next to the MoD’s Donnington base and a £40m contract for IT services on numerous MoD sites including those with high security status. This incident will have certainly damaged the company’s reputation and no doubt the MoD will assess the company’s security arrangements in the near future to make sure that this was an isolated incident.