VIDEO: Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment “The Tigers”

The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR), known as ‘The Tigers’, are an infantry regiment. The Regiment is made up of a Regimental Headquarters, three battalions and a Reserve company:

  • 1 PWRR – a Regular battalion currently based in Germany
  • 2 PWRR – a Regular battalion currently based in Cyprus
  • 3 PWRR – a Reserve battalion based across the South East of England
  • B (Queen’s) Company The London Regiment, based in Edgware and Hornsey


Cavalry of the Clouds, 1987

A fascinating documentary produced in 1987 covering the true exploits of the Royal Flying Corps, one of the precursors to the Royal Air Force, during the First World War. What makes this documentary somewhat unique is that it includes many interviews with the actual men who fought in the air on the Western Front. Unfortunately none of these men are alive today which makes these interviews all the more special with regards to the preservation of history.

The documentary discusses why men would volunteer for the Royal Flying Corps, their training and their experiences. Particularly interesting are the men’s sentiments regarding the Red Baron himself, Manfred Von Richthofen, which flies in the face of his legendary status.

Highly recommended.